ADCLI on CentOS 6

If you are trying to bind a Linux machine to Active Directory, a very simple tool to use is ADCLI. You can use it to join servers, query AD, and also add/delete objects. It is not currently available through the yum repos, however. Here’s how to get past that:

  1. Download
  2. You’ll need to rebuild the source rpm like this:
    1. rpmbuild –rebuild adcli-0.8.1-1.el6.src.rpm
  3. You may end up with needing other dependencies such as openldap-devel and xmlto (and potentially others). You can install these through yum:
    1. yum install -y openldap-devel xmlto
  4. To bind a new server:
    1. adcli join -U <ADadminUser> domain
    2. Enter password
  5. Verify the bind was a success by querying AD:
    1. adcli info <domain>

You should now be able to login with any AD user on that machine and do application level Active Directory integration

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